Welcome to the N7TWB Amateur Radio Station.

I operate the N7TWB/R repeater on 447.95(-)MHz in Phoenix, Arizona

This is an open repeater with good coverage of the western part of the Valley.

100 Hz PL tone is required to open the receiver. 100 Hz PL is also transmitted.

Anti kerchunking is usually enabled, so your initial transmission must be
over 2 seconds long if the machine has been idle for a while.

Station equipment is a Motorola Radius R-100 UHF Repeater,
a Micro Computer Concepts RC-1000 controller, Celwave 638-6 six cavity duplexer,
& Diamond F718A 11.5dBi gain vertical antenna at about 45 feet AGL.

Repeater equipment photos


Repeater in operation with the new radio. Still having some issues with receive sensitivity.

Theoretical repeater coverage map is shown below for a mobile installation.
Of course, buildings & below grade roadways cause local holes.

Repeater coverage map courtesy of VE2DBE's RadioMap software.

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Bruce Rogers
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Updated 6/12/2016