Sony Skip - Field VTRs

Early 1/2" consumer / educational market format, circa 1968,
that recorded only half of the video image (1 of the 2 fields per frame)
These units were not compatible with the EIAJ units that came along shortly after.

Photos with colored borders can be clicked for a larger version.

Sony CV-2200:

A General Electric branded unit built by Sony:

A Sony DV-2400 Portapak:

The unit is only capable of recording. It will not play its own tapes,
they must be played on a studio machine. It is also not capable of rewinding itself.
Notice the hand-crank clipped into the cover next to the threading diagram -
the user had to manually spin the reels to rewind the tape. The preferred method was to
record all the way to the end, then pull the reels off and rewind on the studio machine as well.

Sony DVC-2400 Portable Camera: