Welcome to the Museum of VideoTape Recorders

This page contains information about, & photos of, my personal collection of VTRs.

Most are in working order.

They are not presented here for sale, but if you want to make an offer, I'll consider it: E-mail me!.

The collection includes:
Sony 2200 series skip-field 1/2" VTRs
Sony AV-3400, AV-3650, Sony AV-8400, & AV-8650 EIAJ 1/2" VTRs
Sony EV-320F 1" VTR
Sony & JVC 3/4" U-Matic VCRs
Berkey Colorizer Color VTR adapter
Sony DVC-2400, & AVC-3400 Portable Monochrome Cameras

Need to know the connection instructions for an old video camera?
See My 10-Pin Camera FAQ

I can do format conversion for old reel or U-Matic tapes to VHS, SVHS, or Beta.
E-mail for details if you need something transferred.

Please check in again for more added content.

Last Update 12/8/2019

Thanks for visiting.

Bruce Rogers

Phoenix, Arizona