Desktop Calculator Collection Page    updated 2/4/99

 Felt & Tarrant Comptometer
The first really popular office adding machine.  Not electric, no crank - works by keypresses alone.
The Comptometer can add, subtract, multiply, and even divide (but that's more trouble than it's worth).        

 Friden Model 1162

An early electronic desktop calculator, 4 function plus memory and square root.
Display is a 3-inch green crt with two rows of digits about .3" high. (SOLD)

  Eldorado Electrodata "Director Two"

A very early four function machine with orange flourescent displays (not Nixies). Made in USA.

Sharp EL-803 (Japan)   

Has individual green vacuum-flourescent display tube for each digit.
A few of the digits are intermittent on this example.

Royal 8K Type EC-34 (Japan)      Green VF display panel.

   Sharp Compet 623B (Japan)   

A printing-only (no display) adding machine with a folding keyboard and carrying handle.

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