HP Calculator Trading Post       (page updated 05/08/2005)

Right now, I have the following HP calculators &accessories to sell or trade:

HP95LX  Pocket size DOS computer w/ 512K RAM & built in applications. Good condition, working.

HP82087D Recharger for HP-31/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 37/ 38 (115v) New in box

HP82041C Recharger for HP-21/ 22/ 25/ 27/ 29 (115v) New in box

HP82059D Recharger for HP-41/ 71/ 75/ 97/ HPIL accessories, etc. (115v) New in box

The Following ROM Modules for HP-41C
All are brand new w/manuals.
Original box included except (*) which are bagged.

HP82160A HP-IL Module
HP82180A Extended Functions/ Memory Module
HP41 Statistics Module *

HP82162A HP-IL Thermal Printer Not working.

HP75D Portable Computer  with HP-IL, Card Reader, Bar Code Wand, 64K Expansion Pod  Working condition.

HP82700A 8K Memory Modules for HP75D, New in box

HP71B Portable Computer     Good condition.

HP82401A HP-IL Module for HP71B, Like new, working.

HP82420A 4K Memory Modules for HP71B, New in box

HP82482A Finance Pac for HP71B, New in box

HP2225x ThinkJet Printer for HP-IL 
  I have several of these in HPIL, parallel, & serial variants, condition varies, all untested / as-is.

I occasionally list calculators and accessories on eBay auction.
This may include one or more of those listed above.
Please check
HEREto see a current list of active auctions.

I'm looking for these items in particular to fill out my collection:

Plastic storage cases for classic series calculators.

HP41 Data Acquisition Module
HP71 Data Acquisition Module ( HP82479A)

I/O ROM for HP-75 ( HP00075-15001)

Box & manual for HP-01 watch, HP-10, 10C, 19C, 22, 27, 29C calculators

HPIL Development Module ( HP00041-15043)

Any HPIL-enabled instruments like the HP3421, 3468, 5384, 5385.

If you have something listed above and are willing to part with it,
e-mail with asking price or a trade offer.

Please check out my "miscellaneous" calculator page - that rare item you're
looking for might be there. Feel free to write with your "wish list", too -
if I don't have something you want right now, I can keep a lookout for it ...

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